The iconic orange dinosaur that looms over a mini golf course on Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts that was slated to be redeveloped is staying put...for now.

Many of us know exactly where the Route 1 Miniature Golf is located in Saugus. Many of us have memories of putt-putt golf and getting an ice cream at the Dairy Castle. Many of us also know there's an arcade and batting cages to keep ourselves occupied for an afternoon. But above all else, we all know that famous orange dinosaur that looms over Route 1. 

Well, last year it was announced the property where the T-Rex resides was sold to make way for a hotel and retail space, among other things. However, since the final sale of the property won't be complete until this fall, the owners have decided to open up for one final season of family fun. The article from the blog of  'Boston Restaurant Talk,' says the exact opening date is not known, but it will be sometime mid-April!

Rt 1 Mini Golf Facebook
Rt 1 Mini Golf Facebook

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