It's that time of year where the sun goes down super early, the days shorter and as a result our energy is lower. They call it that "2:30 feeling" for a reason. It's that point where you are sitting at your desk at work (or perhaps at home) and you wonder if anyone would notice if you just slipped under your desk for a quick cat nap. I'm not speaking from experience or anything but people will notice.

That's where our friends at Dunkin' come in. They know the struggle street that we all live on this time of year and they are using their magical caffeine powers to help! calls it a "revved up" beverage and Dunkin' calls it Extra Charged Coffee. It has 20% more caffeine than regular coffee which makes it 20% more fun.  Apparently, they use green coffee extract to supply the additional kick. You can order it hot or iced. I am a hearty New Englander who drinks iced Dunks coffees even in a blizzahd, kid!

The site states that Dunkin' is trying incentivize their customers to come in and try this bad boy by offering Medium Extra Charged hot coffees until January 26th for just $2. So, are you intrigued? Will be trying this new coffee concoction?

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