In case you missed it, today (Tuesday, April 13) is the seventh day that we've been giving you a shot to win up to $10,000 with the Workday Payday on 94.9 HOM. Every weekday at the top of the hour between 8a and 5p, we're giving you a code word that you need to enter into our app so you can win either $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000.

What could $10,000 buy?

Maybe you've been imagining what you could spend $10,000 on -- a giant lake or beach house for you and some of your closest people this summer? A down payment on your dream car? Your favorite lobster roll every single day of summer, because it's New England?

Or will you go the giving route, and spending $10,000 like Tony Hawk just did?

What happened to Frankie Fortuna?

According to 7 News Boston, Tony just donated $10,000 toward a skatepark in Leominster, Massachusetts in honor of Frankie Fortuna, a 19-year-old skater that was unfortunately killed back in 2015 after being struck by a car. The skatepark actually already exists (the Johnson Street Skatepark) and was one of Frankie's favorite places to go.

The community decided to revamp it in honor of Frankie, and dub it the "Frankie Fortuna Memorial Skatepark." And while the park revamping is still only in the design phase, the co-chair of the park, Steven Snay, told 7 News Boston that Tony's huge donation just brought it one step closer to being completed.

So, how will you spend your $10,000 if you score it with the Workday Payday on 94.9 HOM? Will you spend it on yourself? Spend it on others? Donate it? A mix of all the above?

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