We all make decisions in our youth that we regret.  We often do not place value on things that may mean so much to us until after they are gone.  One Seacoast resident, Kaylie Goodwin is searching for a hardcover set of Harry Potter books gifted to her by her late grandmother, Dorothy Perman.  They are inscribed “To Kaylie, love Nana” on the inside cover according to seacoastonline.com. At the tender age of 18, cash strapped sold the books to The Book Outlet in North Hampton in order to get gas money and some food.

According to seacoastonline.com, she did not tell anyone that she was going to sell the books and is sure in hindsight that her parents or friends would have stepped in and prevented her from selling the books and offer their help.  But when we are young, and you have some pride, we often don’t ask for the help we need.  Now, 11 years later, she hopes to get the books back.  She put out a call on social media but mentions that she doesn’t have many friends on social media, so she knew it was a longshot.  What she didn’t expect is how many times the post was shared.  Behold the power of Harry Potter!  Kylie’s grandmother passed away in March and the loss of the books became fresh in her mind.


Her post and plea for the return of the books had been shared more than 500 times in the first day!  Kaylie Goodwin says she doesn’t think her grandmother knew how much the books meant to her and since her grandmother’s passing, they have taken on new meaning. I am not an avid reader, but my wife is.  She also has been accused of holding a Ph.D. in Harry Potter studies.  She probably owns at least 6 full sets of books which I do not understand.  I do understand the special bond that Kaylie had with her grandmother and hope someone sees this message and she is able to get the books back.  Please share this and help Kylie get her books. And if you own a set of hardcover Harry Potter books, check the inside cover for an inscription.



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