I braved the winter elements for you over the weekend and took some pretty cool pictures along Hampton Beach and Rye Beach, just so you didn't have to venture out in the bad weather. You're welcome!

We decided to take a drive along the seacoast late Sunday morning to check out the ocean. We always love seeing the fury of Mother Nature (when it's safe to do so), and it was nice to get out of the house for a little while after being snowed in.

So we drove along Ocean Boulevard and Route 1a through Hampton, North Hampton and Rye, New Hampshire. Mark was at the wheel, Brandy was in my lap and was enjoying the sites and sounds of freezing rain and sleet pellets hitting us in the face as we took some photos of the ocean and caught some splash over pictures as well.

Hope you made it safe and sound through the first round of rough weather for 2019. I have a feeling, there's a few more in store for us!

January, 20, 2019




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