There are really only three reactions New Englanders have when they walk out to their vehicle and see the dreaded orange (or whatever a city's color of choice) envelope snugged tightly underneath a windshield wiper.

Usually, you either roll your eyes and stash it in the glove box with the other parking violations collected inside, you get annoyed that your risk didn't pay off, or it's a combination of the two with a four-letter expletive that starts with 'F' tossed in the mix.

thebroadwaysouthboston via Instagram
thebroadwaysouthboston via Instagram

Generally, there's an uptick in parking violations thrown down in big cities like Boston when there are huge events going on -- a sporting event, a concert, or, like this past weekend, college move-in weekend. And while that held true during move-in weekend over the last few days, not all of these 'violations' were necessarily bad ones.

The Broadway in South Boston, Massachusetts

While businesses in Boston definitely see a bit of a boom during move-in weekend -- who doesn't want to go somewhere for a meal and drinks after hauling a bunch of heavy stuff up who knows how many flights of stairs all day long -- not all go above and beyond to capitalize on anything outside than weekend boost in income.

But places like The Broadway in Southie totally get "it," which is why they spent the weekend hitting a bunch of different vehicles with "violations" -- slips of paper disguised as a parking ticket from the City of Boston but were actually coupons with a sweet welcome message.

Sometimes, finding those neon orange envelopes on your car isn’t the worst thing….THIS IS NOT A VIOLATION, ITS A CELEBRATION! You are being fined $10 OFF at The Broadway to help you treat yourself extra hard this weekend, so be on the look out and DONT FREAK OUT!

Protect this business, its owners, and others like it at all costs!

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