If you're Irish to the core, you already know the answer to this burning question: Is it St. Paddy's Day or St. Patty's Day?  

All Irish, half Irish, 1/4 Irish, Irish every 17th of March, it doesn't matter. If you're going to abbreviate St. Patrick's Day, the correct way to do so is...

'St. Paddy's Day.' I did my online research and found out more info that I ever thought I'd need on the topic. Keep in mind, some of the info may be NSFW:

Green Beer
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According to Gawker, it apparently really ticks off the Irish if you call it St. Patty's Day because 'Patty' is short for Patricia, which is a girls name. It's NOT short for 'Patrick,' as in St. Patrick. As a matter of fact, "History Channel" is a wonderful website for everything that has to do with the Patron Saint of Ireland. 

And...believe it or not, there is actually a 'Paddy Not Patty' website.

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So whether you're Irish for the day or have some true Irish lineage, enjoy everything this day brings. From a Boiled Dinner, to Green Beer, Lucky Charms to even Boston's Evacuation Day. Whatever you do, please do it responsibly and enjoy the musical stylings of The Irish Rovers!


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