If true, the Gronk is a marketing genius. This guy seems to be everywhere lately. He’s been shown on “News Year’s Eve With Steve Harvey” that spectacular Super Bowl party he hosted in Miami, working as an analyst for Fox Sports and partying at pre-Grammy bash featuring Lizzo last month according to the nypost.com.

The speculation has run wild on twitter among fans of the show “The Masked Singer” that Gronkowski is the character dressed as a giant white tiger. Even the reference to a poster that says “four score and seven years ago” given during video testimonials for the show, which may or may not be a nod to Gronk’s playing number of 87, may provide a clue.

Gronk has shown off his dance moves previously so maybe he is hidden in the White Tiger costume. The White Tiger is doing a lot of arm-waving and doesn’t appear to sing very well. The White Tiger’s rendition of Queens “We Will Rock You” may have done well not for the way it was sung but the White Tiger’s ability to get the crowd jumping.

To get people pumped up is definitely Gronk’s style so I am anxious to see if it really is him behind the mask. Nypost.com says twitter fans of the show are sure its Gronk. Only time will tell but if it is Gronk, he is rapidly becoming the master of marketing. CBD anyone?


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