In the latest installment of fake outrage, parents-- as if they're some monolith group-- are upset that the new McDonald's Happy Meal toy is swearing at their precious little flowers. After listening, they may have a point.

Or maybe they don't, I can't tell- according to professional disposable toy linguists, the minion is saying things like "Well, I'll be damned" and "What the f---?". When word of this story first hit, I was fully prepared to dismiss this as one of those 'people hear what they want to hear' type of things. But, umm, it kind of does sound like they're saying what they're accused of saying... sort of.. but not really...

Or maybe this clarifies it?

I love the seriousness with which these YouTube users document the offense, like doing so is serving the greater good of society. I get it, I really do-- I don't want my kid, who imitates everything, saying something that sounds (maybe) like WTF. But with all the things in this world to be genuinely upset about, can we just get over a caveman minion with a questionably potty mouth?

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