This cute animal content is what we need in our newsfeeds during these trying times.

It's good to see that even the animals are practicing social distancing in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. I like to think their conversation went a little something like this:

Moose: Hey! Do you chicks want to go for a walk?

Chickens: First of all we are not 'chicks' we are hens. And I guess we could go for a walk but please keep 6 feet away from us. We have eggs to make and can't afford to get sick.

Want to know an advantage of being stuck inside the house for another month? It gives us an excuse to slow down and appreciate nature. Take a minute to look outside your window! Or the next time you are on a walk look around and take in your surroundings. We live in such a gorgeous part of the country and we don't always appreciate it. Social events are being postponed but nature isn't cancelled!

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