Many of us will be visiting the local Mall to do our holiday shopping this month. So whether your heading to The mall of New Hampshire in Manchester, Merrimack Premium Outlets, The Mall at Fox Run in Newington, the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, NH, Midtown mall in Sanford Maine, or maybe you are in Massachusetts The Natick Mall in Natick or KTP in Kittery, Maine. Here are some tips and strategies to making sure you don’t lose your mind trying to find your car while you are heavily laden with shopping bags. reports on a study from researchers at the Santa Fe Institute and Boston University on the best strategy. The study identified three types of parkers. They are the meek, meaning people that will take the first spot they see no matter how far away from the mall it is. The second type is optimistic, meaning people that drive to the front of the store where they want to do the most shopping and circle around to find the closest spot. The third type is the prudent type. They drive past the first available spot and grab the next spot they find near the entrance.
According to the study reported on by LifeHacker, the best strategy is the prudent type as it will cause you to expend the least amount of time. The next best is optimistic and coming in last is meek. My wife is a meek parker. I am the type of parker not included in the study as I will circle around for an hour to find what the study calls “rockstar” parking. It drives my wife insane but I always get a good spot. Or better yet, have you ever heard of Amazon?

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