Chris Young leans heavy on a timeless rock riff throughout "Young Love & Saturday Nights," the latest look at his next studio album.

David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel" powers this new country-rocker to the point that he's an official co-writer (David Bowie, CMA winner? It's now possible!). A few may be bothered by this — the song is somewhat sacred in some circles, and Bowie has been dead for seven years.

Those few are likely to be strumming an air guitar by the final chorus, just like the rest of us.

"Young Love & Saturday Night" finds Young telling the story of two lovers finding each other in spite of a lack of virtues that proper society would find suitable. The pair are a little wild and more than impulsive. You could call them rebels.

The "Looking for You" singer's storytelling gets a little overpowered by the enormous guitar riff, however. Take a couple listens to appreciate the vintage tale he tells.

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Ashley Gorley, Jesse Frasure and Josh Thompson wrote "Young Love & Saturday Nights," and Young and his frequent collaborators Corey Crowder and Chris DeStefano produced it. Officially, it's not a radio single yet. It is a song you long to see him perform live in 2023, however.

Chris Young, "Young Love & Saturday Nights" Lyrics:

He’s got a Chevrolet / That don’t always run and the radio never turns down / He’s got a pedigree / That’s no good for nothing / No commas in his bank account / But there’s a girl at the hole in the wall where he plays / Don’t take her eyes off the stage.

She loves his southern drawl from north of Alabama / Silverado he’s got parked outside / Cranking ’’89 Alabama / Kissing for an hour in the parking lot light / Here’s to good girls that can’t keep from falling / For bad boys that their daddy’s don’t like / Small towns that keep staying small / Here’s to old trucks, young love and Saturday nights / Saturday nights.

As long pawn shops / Sell beat up guitars to a kid with some hand-me-down keys / As long as leather jackets keep stealing hearts like Elvis and Cash and James Dean / There’ll be a girl at the hole in the wall where he plays / Don’t take her eyes off the stage.

Repeat Chorus

Tank of gas / Some blue eyes and some beer in the back / Falling way too fast for a …

Repeat Chorus

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