Dolly Parton's younger sister, Stella Parton, says when you disrespect someone in her family, you disrespect the entire family. Elle King has clearly disrespected the entire family.

The singer and songwriter sounded off on social media on Sunday after video first surfaced of King trying to sing Dolly Parton's song at the Grand Ole Opry. On Monday, the younger Parton took to X (formerly Twitter) again with six more thoughts on what happened.

Then, she came back for more on Tuesday.

  • King struggled to remember the lyrics to Dolly Parton's "Marry Me" during a birthday tribute to the legendary singer at the Opry on Friday (Jan. 19).
  • King became combative with fans from the stage and indicated that she was very drunk.
  • The Opry apologized to a fan who was upset, but neither the venue nor King has said anything more about the incident.

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Stella Parton’s first response was to point out the double standard of what happens after woman gets “hammered” onstage and messes up the words, compared to a man. She also points out that singing her sister's songs is harder than it looks.

“To any lil ego thinking they can learn the lyrics correctly with a half-assed listen to one of Dolly’s song. Surprise!” she writes.

As time passed, she’d become more upset:

Monday morning’s message shows that she felt disrespected by the incident, and she wasn’t going to take any foolishness from her followers. One person suggested that Dolly Parton "sold out" with her rock album, to which Stella says, "Coming from a young twit who probably hasn’t accomplished one damn thing in your life but perfect being a b--ch."

On Tuesday morning, the "I Want to Hold You In My Dreams Tonight" singer was back on X, and this time she was name-calling.

"I’m still stewing and thinking bout how any lil spoiled brat with an opportunity to sing on the Opry to pay tribute to a legendary songwriter like Dolly Parton would just piss on the star circle on the stage," she writes to begin a six-message rampage.

The younger Stella has been known to voice her opinions on social media and to stand up for her family. She went after critics of Dolly after her Thanksgiving Day performance in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. She also criticized Dolly during the #MeToo movement.

The Country Music Hall of Famer has not offered any thoughts on the matter.

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