Proposals in public settings do not always go well. I mean, the other partner could say no, they could freeze up, they could be drunk...this list goes on and on.

That certainly was not the case at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom during the Kip Moore concert last summer.

A few days before the show, we at the WOKQ radio station got a message asking if we could help a Kip fan propose to his future wife (also a huge Kip Moore fan).

Of course, we wanted to do everything we could, so we did.

Tim and Megan are both from Somersworth. Tim has been working at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for over 22 years. Megan is a 10-year 911 dispatcher for a busy regional center in Southern Maine.

The two are massive Kip fans.

The plan: right before the opener, Dillon Carmichael, Logan would say he was pulling two random people from the crowd to throw neon t-shirts out into the crowd.

The two? You guessed it, Tim and Megan.

Megan Welch
Megan Welch

The full video is below. Logan calls Tim and Megan up to the stage. Both were nervous. Meg introduces herself first, all excited to throw a t-shirt. Tim was much more focused and nervous.

"I was BEYOND floored when he dropped to bent knee," said Megan. "I joke now that the first thought on my mind when Logan asked 'Tim, do you have anything more to say,' that he DEFINITELY isn’t the talker, it would be me that has more to say."

Tim did not have much to say.

The guy, as excited as can be, was laser-focused on one thing...four question: "Will you marry me?"

A closeup of the moment was captured to the side of the stage.

The couple is looking forward to planning their big day in the spring of 2024.

From everyone at WOKQ and the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, congrats Tim and Megan!

Will we see a repeat in 2023? Or maybe a WOKQ public wedding?!?!

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