I fancy myself a bit of a backyard nature enthusiast and I've had my fair share of tree-cutting experiences. Well, more watching than doing.

We had some of the woods cleared in our backyard a few years back and I was able to watch the different ways the local tree company was able to take down the decaying trees. I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the process. Oddly, they didn't invite me to help.

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Bergeron Tree Service
Bergeron Tree Service

Am I the Only One Who Didn't Know This Is a Way to Cut Down a Tree?

After seeing a video pop up in my Instagram feed, now I don't know what to believe. This video is a mind-blowing display of pure skill and innovation.

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Maine-based Bergeron Tree Service is known as Tree Top Flyers on social media, which sounds more like a circus act than an arborist company and these folks are just as talented.

With 21,000 followers on Insta, Tree Top pulled in a massive 500,000 likes in a single day for one video that shows a tree ARTIST slicing up a trunk in the most interesting of ways. This includes a small square hole at the bottom, then additional T-shaped cuts, and in mere moments you watch the tree fall like a wooden toy your grandpa made in his woodshop.

As the video description says:

The key to not missing is taking shots you aren’t sure of until you are.

Watch the video and prepare to watch it again over, and over, and over...

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