When it comes to weddings, Maine is a hot spot four couples. And not just for couples that live here either as thousands of people flock to attend weddings for 'folks from away' in the Pine Tree State each and every year.

As a longtime wedding DJ, I have watched as the trends have shifted over the years. I remember when I first started, 90% of the weddings I did would take place in a church with a reception at an Elks, Legion or similar type venue.

Flash-forward to today and I would say the majority of couples, at least in Maine, are doing in-state destination-type weddings in big, beautiful barns. And while many couples still have a religious-style ceremony with a pastor or minister, they're choosing to get married outside the barn that the reception will be held in, and personally, I love this.

However, as the state of our economy continues to be rocky, mortgage rates are still climbing and a small bag of chips is $5.99, we're starting to see more couples drift away from the tradition of a 'BIG WEDDING'.

A lot of the weddings I am a part of cost more than $100,000 by the time all is said and done. For many, that's just not an attainable feat, so they're looking for more unique, intimate and cost-friendly options.

This couple came through my FYP the other day. They recently got engaged and wanted to 'skip' the big wedding. They rented a cabin in the middle of the Maine wilderness, drove for hours down an old dirt road, then hiked 3 miles into the woods in a pouring rain storm.

The couple changed into their wedding attire in an old porta-potty before saying 'I Do' in the middle of Maine's most vast forestland. Absolutely amazing.

See the video from Adventure_Rach right here!


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