The Friendly Toast

For years now, The Friendly Toast has become a go-to for locals and tourists visiting New England.

For those looking for a menu with plenty of healthy options but not skimping on the delicious, as well as options for the occasional bloody mary, mimosa, or other alcoholic offering with their meal, The Friendly Toast has been it.

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The Friendly Toast Locations

'The Toast,' as some fanatics of the all day brunch and bar affectionately refer to it as, has increased its footprint all throughout the entire New England region, coming a long way since 1994 after opening its original location in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Since then, 11 more locations have popped up, including additional New Hampshire locations in Bedford and Nashua (with another planned for Summer 2024 at Tuscan Village in Salem), the one Maine location in Portland, one spot in Vermont in Burlington, and six in Massachusetts.

Another New Hampshire location is planned for Concord in 2025, as well as its first Connecticut location in West Hartford at the end of 2024.

Google Maps / Canva
Google Maps / Canva

Friendly Toast Nut Free

The decision to convert to a fully nut-free menu? The son of co-owner Eric Goodwin, according to a press release.

Precautions around food allergies are extremely important to me – not just as a restaurant owner, but also as a father who has a son with a tree nut allergy. There has never been a time while dining out where I didn’t think about my son’s allergy, worry about cross-contamination, or wonder about the restaurant’s allergy procedures.

While The Friendly Toast had no problem adapting their former menu to accommodate customers with nut allergies, as well as gluten and dairy allergies -- three of the most common food allergies seen at their 12 locations -- the desire to eliminate any risk with accidental cross-contamination with peanut/nut products remained.

Especially for The Friendly Toast's Area Director, Michael Paolo.

Unfortunately, I have had to inject an EpiPen for my son twice at restaurants that assured me his meal would be safe to eat. I understand firsthand the stress that comes with dining with food allergies, and I’m extremely proud to be part of an organization that is committed to ensuring guests can safely dine with us.

Find the Friendly Toast location closest to you, check out their menu, or make a reservation/hop on their waitlist on their official website.

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