Well, here's a question many of us will never have to ask ourselves in this lifetime: "Should I have tipped those police officers?"

David Eldredge from Brentwood, New Hampshire, had to ask himself that very question last week. This story is crazy, hilarious, and makes me love and appreciate our local police departments even more than I already did.

I'll rewind. David, like so many of us, had a craving for food from the golden arches, aka McDonald's. And also, like so many of us, David didn't feel like getting in his car to go fetch the goods, so he thought "this is a job for DoorDash!" Don't you love modern technology?

He entered his order into the DoorDash app, and excitedly awaited his delicious delivery.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

When the food finally arrived, he didn't expect his quarter pounder and McFlurry to be delivered by two men in uniform in a police cruiser.

What had happened was that Officer Chris Spitalere of the Brentwood Police Department had pulled over the DoorDash delivery driver, who was on her way to deliver David's food. It turned out the driver's license and registration were suspended, so the car needed to be towed. Officer Chris Spitalere and officer Robert McConn gave the driver a ride to where she needed to be, but still felt an obligation to get that McDonalds order to its rightful owner. So, they delivered the food to David themselves:

David was a little confused at first, but once he heard the full story, he was grateful that the police officers went above and beyond their call of duty. And I'm sure he was relieved that the officers weren't there to arrest him; they simply wanted to make sure he got his fries and other goodies.

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