Kevin from Fryeburg, Maine, is home safe and sound after the plane's wing fell apart on a cross-country flight.

One Mainer was on that long flight. According to WMTW, Kevin Clark from Fryeburg won't soon forget that flight. The crew did a great job keeping everyone calm. But when the plane took off from San Francisco heading to Boston, Kevin heard something that didn't sound quite right.

Put my neck pillow on, settled in, dozing as I often do before takeoff, and we're wheels up, and I hear this incredible loud vibration like I've never heard it was I was like, what was that? And it stopped within seconds.

Kevin's seat on United Airlines Flight 354 was looking over the wing! This is what he saw.

He had no idea what was happening until he opened his window shade. He told WMTW,

You could really see how much damage was to the wing and to the tip of the flap, and that was my biggest concern, is this going to come apart when we try to land?

The good news is that the plane landed safely in Denver, and it wasn't long before everyone switched planes and made it to Boston.

Um, what's with all the planes breaking apart in the air?

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Remember this flight where the door flew off because the bolts weren't tight?

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) says that they are investigating what happened on the flight to Boston. Right now, we know that there are a few possibilities about what happened, one being that the plane Kevin was on is 29 years old.

The odds of dying on a commercial flight are roughly one in 13 million, according to a recent airline safety report. Kevin is happy to have his feet on the ground, and so is his wife.

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