Up until this point, Justin Timberlake has only really ever had two ties to Northern New England -- one in New Hampshire and another that's Maine-related.

Justin Timberlake Visited New Hampshire

Back in August 2016, the entirety of the 603 was shocked when pictures of Justin and his wifey, Jessica Biel, surfaced visiting the small-town Wakefield, New Hampshire, diner, Miss Wakefield Diner.

Miss Wakefield Diner & Gracie's Country Store via Facebook
Miss Wakefield Diner & Gracie's Country Store via Facebook

Super Bowl 'Selfie Kid'

The only other tie that Justin has to Northern New England doesn't involve visiting the area, but rather, a New England resident that visited the site of his Super Bowl Halftime Show back in 2018 snapped a selfie mid-performance while Justin made his way through the crowd.

The resident, Ryan McKenna, who instantly become known as 'Selfie Kid,' happened to be sporting a Sunday River sweatshirt at the time. Other than that, Justin Timberlake has had no ties to Maine.

Until now.

Getty Images / Google Maps
Getty Images / Google Maps

'Reptile' on Netflix

It may be a bit surprising, but Justin Timberlake movies are actually pretty decent. All Trolls movies aside, flicks like Alpha Dog, Trouble With the Curve, Just In Time -- all movies that Justin stars in -- aren't just watchable, they're actually good.

Justin's newest movie just dropped on Netflix at the beginning of October, called Reptile. It follows an investigation into finding who killed the girlfriend of Justin's character, real estate agent Will Grady, that promises to leave your eyes crossed and brain gears turning.

And therein lies the forever tie-in for Justin, because the movie is actually set in Scarborough, Maine. Although, according to Screen Rant, the movie does a massive disservice to Scarborough, having been primarily shot in Atlanta, Georgia.


Great movie, though.

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