Who doesn't love a good Maine Maple Sunday every year? It traditionally symbolizes the beginning of spring, and it's just something different to do with the fam or friends on the weekend. When I first moved to Maine seven years ago, I had no idea what a "sugarhouse" was, yet everybody was talking about it. So let's start there.

What is a sugarhouse?

"A maple sugar house is a specialized building where sap from the sugar maple tree (acer saccharum) was collected, boiled down, and formed into either maple sugar or maple syrup," according to phmc.state.

"Most sugarhouses offer maple syrup samples and demonstrations on how pure Maine maple syrup is made. Many farms offer games, activities, treats, sugarbush tours, music, and so much more," according to Mainemapleproducers.com.

Now that we understand them better, there are hundreds scattered throughout Maine that you can visit this Sunday, March 24, 2024. This year marks the 41st annual Maine Maple Sunday, and for some farms, the event will run the entire weekend, not just Sunday.

Here are just few farms I happen to know of that will be hosting fun family activities for the entire weekend.

Pineland Farms – New Gloucester, ME
This farm actually has events going on this entire week all the way up until Sunday!
Check out more details and ticket availability here.

Hilltop Boilers Maple Syrup Farm – Newfield, ME
This one's gotta be good, considering their golden maple syrup and maple candy took the first place award by the Maine Maple Producers Association. You can also use that link to find more dates, details, and activities for the week.

Hidden Roots Maple Farm- Limerick, ME
Click here for more specific details.

Here's the full list of every single farm and their locations around Maine that are participating this week/weekend in Maine Maple Sunday.

Have fun! See you guys out there.

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