On the Tuesday, January 30, episode of Wheel of Fortune, a man from Freeport, Maine, was a contestant. Unfortunately, most people in Maine didn't see the show.

Corey Colwill from Freeport was one of the three contestants spinning the wheel and trying to solve puzzles on one of the most popular games on television. WMTW Channel 8 carries both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! back-to-back weeknights at 7 and 7:30. Diehard fans in Maine never miss Wheel. This time, however, we all missed it.

Wheel of Fortune was pre-empted by the broadcast of Governor Janet Mills's State of the State address before the legislature. Everyone tuning in to see how Corey did saw the Governor instead.

This is just bad luck for Mainers. Local TV stations always carry the State of the State, but Corey's episode of Wheel happened to fall on the date and time Governor Mills stepped up to the podium.

A post in the You Know You're From Pownal, Durham, or Freeport If... Facebook group said that the episode did air on Channel 8, but at 1 a.m. It's also unfortunate that there's nowhere to watch current Wheel of Fortune episodes on streaming services. Only older episodes are available on Pluto TV.

The best we can do is give you a quick summary of how Corey did, according to Wheel of Fortune Tonight, a fan website that recaps the results.

Yardbreaker tells us that Corey is introduced as a "horror movie and dinosaur fanatic," and Wheel of Fortune Tonight says that he did not make it to the bonus round. How much he took home in winnings is also unknown to us here in Maine.

Megan Carvale was that night's winner, and there's a big debate going on saying she solved this puzzle but judges didn't give it to her.

She didn't say Pink Orchid. She was working the puzzle out loud and said "Something orchid."

Hopefully, when it comes time for Wheel's rerun season, we'll get to see Corey.

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