Let's face it.  New Hampshire State Troopers have a tough job, and Granite Staters appreciate all they do to keep our roads safe.

When you look at the calendar-worthy state police cruisers, you might notice not all the license plates are the same numbers.  In fact, these two and three-digit numbers are quite a wide range.  Is this random, or does it have meaning?

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This is a fun fact you can pull out at your next party, because there is a method to the plate numbers.

The plates are codes by series numbers.  The New Hampshire State Police recently posted what each number is based on, and for hundreds and hundred of people, it was an eye-opener.

New Hampshire State Police via Facebook
New Hampshire State Police via Facebook

The comments were as interesting as the information from the post. Here's how the plate numbers are assigned.

Troop A (Epping) - 100 series
Troop B (Bedford) - 200 series
Troop C (Keene) - 300 series
Troop D (Concord) - 400 series
Troop E (Tamworth) - 500 series
Troop F (Twin Mountain) - 600 series
Troop G (Commercial Motor Vehicle - Statewide) - 700 series

If you are wondering about the 800 Series plates, those are reserved for new troopers in their first year.  Once they get through the probationary period, they move to a plate from their troop.

The 900 Series places are reserved for SIU Detectives (Special Investigations Unit), and sometimes you can see two-digit plate numbers on the cruisers.  Those are for the upper level troopers at Headquarters, like Colonel, Major, Captain, etc., according to the below post comments.

You learn something new every day, so if you didn't know this bit of info, now you do.  Thank you, NHSP, for all you do.

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