This might actually be the least surprising thing I've heard all day: that Maine has been listed as one of the least hated states in the entire country. Actually, it was ranked the 6th least hated, according to

I bet right now, you're thinking of your own reasons why Maine is well-liked by most other states right? Here's a couple big reasons that popped into my head immediately, having lived here for eight years.

1. Everything is very chillax. Maine doesn't have the chaos and that go-go-go feeling that big cities give you when you hop off the subway stop in the middle of town surrounded by tons of humans. Though as we know, Maine's population seemingly increased ever since the pandemic.

2. Mainer's are overly-friendly. If you've lived here for long enough, you realize that the people that live here extend a helping hand without being asked to. More often than not, I've had situations where a stranger has gone above and beyond to help me with something that they didn't need to. You won't find that in many places, so I cherish it.

As the list puts Maine at the 6th least hated state in the country, I'd have to agree. If you read more on their calculations here, Zippia says most people have great things to say about this state vs. others.

Here's the "science behind the hate", and how Zippia calculated their list of which states in the US are the least and most hated. Read more here.

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