Are you kidding me?! As if following Portnoy's story of his new pitbull rescue, Miss Peaches, couldn't get any better, New Hampshire is gonna go and beat us all to the competition we didn't know we needed.

Props to you, Dairy Queen in Manchester, New Hampshire, for trying to summons Dave back to New Hampshire for a brilliant, far-fetched, yet not completely impossible ice cream review with the help of Miss Peaches.

It took Portnoy up until just last year to visit the Maine & New Hampshire area for a pizza review for the first time, so I have a hard time believing he'll be back up here anytime soon. What I will say, is that he's turned into a complete simp for this pup, and acting completely different than any of us have ever seen before. That being said, if anyone or anything is going to lure him into doing this, it would be Miss Peaches.

Basically, they're asking Portnoy to review their new confetti cake-dipped cone while promoting their new Pup Cup fundraiser. Calling on a dude like Portnoy who's typically very stern on his pizza reviews to come review your ice cream is already a reach. Then they want to also call on Miss Peaches to come try their pup cup for a cause?

I mean, brilliant marketing guys. However, also very ballsy. But we like ballsy here in New England, and so does Portnoy, so let's sit back and watch how this plays out.

None of us can lie, the first time we saw a Miss Peaches cameo in a regular pizza review, we all couldn't stop watching. It was this one:

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