It's no secret that Martha Stewart is a fan of Maine.

After all, she's got her beautiful home on Mount Desert Island, and she even said in a Facebook post that her most memorable New Year's moment was seeing the sunrise in Maine at the dawn of the new century in 2000.

And of course, she's a frequent diner of many iconic Maine food places. You may have even seen her on one of her outings.

Well, the notable businesswoman known for her lifestyle brand, has already hit up two favorite seafood spots for the season: Robert's Maine Grill and Row Bar and Bob's Clam Hut, both in Kittery.

In an Instagram post near the end of April, Martha said that she had some meetings in the Pine Tree State, so, of course, she had to stop at Robert's and Bob's.

If you're wondering what she had (and maybe you should get if you visit), she said she had chowder and oysters at Robert's and fried clams and scallops at Bob's.

She also noted that the service was great at both locations, even throwing out a recommendation to her 2 million Instagram followers to check those spots out.

According to Bob's Clam Hut's website, the restaurant has been around since 1956. That's almost 70 years!

Robert's opened a little more recently, in 2006, according to its website, but both bring fresh seafood and meals that people enjoy.

They both have 4.5 out of 5 ratings on TripAdvisor, so if you haven't been, it should probably go on your bucket list of places to check out.

And who knows? Maybe you'll bump into Martha Stewart next time.

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