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Throughout the years, a lot of people -- fans, haters, and everyone in between -- have sounded off on Tom Brady and his public displays of affection.

Whether it's focusing in on kissing his children on the lips, kissing his father on the lips, and the times where he's kissed both New England Patriots' owner Robert Kraft and former Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick -- essentially both of his bosses -- on the lips, people have had a lot to say about it.

Malcolm Butler Patriots

If you've ever been a Patriots fan (or hater), or especially a Seattle Seahawks fan, you know the name Malcolm Butler. In fact, if you're a Pats hater or Seahawks fan, the name haunts you to this day, after his interception in the Seahawks' end zone during Super Bowl 49 secured the championship win back in 2014.

Malcolm Butler Tom Brady

During an appearance on the sports podcast The Dan and Ninko Show, which is co-hosted by one of Butler's former Pats teammates, Rob Ninkovich, both Butler and Ninko chopped it up about their time playing together, including Butler's rookie year and Tom Brady's unconventional nickname for him.

...seeing Tom Brady, he called me 'baby' and I'm like 'What the [expletive]?'

(If the video doesn't automatically start at the story, start it around 53:31 in.)

In response, Ninko mentioned that Brady calls everyone, "babe," which is true and pretty public knowledge, especially if you've ever seen any of his public interactions with former teammate Julian Edelman.

Getty Images / The Dan and Ninko Show via YouTube
Getty Images / The Dan and Ninko Show via YouTube

But also, in TB12's defense, considering all the butt slapping after a good play that happens on the field during a game, is calling a teammate, "baby" really that awkward?

It probably depends on the context and setting, really. "Let's go, baby!" during a hype-up huddle or following a good play comes off different than an out of pocket "baby" reference in a different situation, like in a post-game shower or something.

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