A popular craft brewery in Freeport is being called Maine's best.

The good folks over at Far & Wide decided to take a bunch of beer review data to find out what the most popular craft beer in every state is. The site used data from the Beer Advocate and Rate Beer, popular review sites that allow users to rate every beer that's on the planet. Far & Wide was able to compile the "best of" list, and the results are quite tasty.

As for Maine, the site was able to determine that our number one brewery is Maine Beer Company.

Maine Beer Company via Facebook
Maine Beer Company via Facebook

I must say, this is really no surprise. Maine Beer has been one of the premier Maine breweries for well over a decade. From their humble roots brewing out of their garage to their current state-of-the-art Freeport brewery, Maine Beer is truly one of the major success stories of the Maine craft beer movement.

Maine beer specializes in many styles, but is probably best known for IPAs. This includes Dinner, a double IPA, measuring 8.2% ABV. The flavor profile is described as "Aromas of mango, passionfruit, and pineapple. Undertones of garlic, onion, and pine. Sweet aromatics of malt and caramel." It's also suggested to be enjoyed fresh.

Maine Beer Company via Facebook
Maine Beer Company via Facebook

But that's just one of many unique and delicious beers available from Maine Beer Co. And you can enjoy them, along with some tasty pizza, at the beautiful and massive brewery in Freeport. It's a perfect respite from a long day of shopping or really anytime. And you can pair the delicious beer with some creative pizzas like the sausage and chili or delicata squash with hazelnut crisp.

While the beer and pizza are the highlight, it should be mentioned that Maine Beer Co is also a massive supporter of non-profit organizations, especially wildlife preservation efforts. Since 2009, Maine Beer has donated over $2 million dollars through its membership with the 1% for the Planet project and other donations from brewery guests. You can read more about it on the brewery's website.

Congrats to Maine Beer on the wonderful press. Not like the brewery needs it. I think they do okay just by making great beer and delicious pizza. However, it's also great to see the company's incredible philanthropic spirit get highlighted. Here's to many more years of tremendous success.

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