I wrote an article over the holidays spotlighting the ginourmous Christmas Loft, open year-round in North Conway, New Hampshire. Well, it appears there are a couple here in Maine as well.

These Maine Christmas stores may not be 15,000 square feet like The Christmas Loft, but for those of you in Maine with visions of Santa and his reindeer, Christmas trees, and decorations floating around in your subconscious throughout the calendar year, you can step into Christmas anytime at these two year-round stores in Maine.

Whether it's the middle of summer or the peak of autumn foliage, you will be greeted by the scent of pine and cinnamon, festive lights, and the warm glow of festive decorations right as you walk in the door of The Christmas Shop at The Lupin Cottage in the beautiful, coastal town of Belfast. This winter wonderland brings Christmas lovers in to shop year-round.

Another year-round Christmas store is located in another beautiful, coastal Maine. The Christmas Vacation Shop is located in Bar Harbor, and not only can you get your Christmas decor, but they are known to personalize your items for you. You can also expect handcrafted and painted items that are made right there in the shop.

It may be off-season to crank "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" (especially if you are a Mainer anxiously awaiting spring), but those of you that get right into the spirit over the holidays might just want a little touch of Christmas throughout the year, and these two stores will give you just that.

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