From Forbes Magazine to Food and Wine Magazine, the most unexpected pizza is ranked among the best in the country for 2023 heading into 2024.  But don't call it 'pizza', because it's 'apizza' to those of us in the know.

There's nothing like finding that favorite pizza place, style of pizza, or both. And even then, it's fun to venture out and see if you can find a new favorite. But we can't help ourselves when it comes to finding that perfect slice of heaven.

Get ready for this New Haven style pizza that's all over the Nutmeg state. With the first of two locations expanding to the Boston area, Sally’s Apizza is consistently getting top billing all over the country, even if you can only find it in Connecticut. Well, until now.

If you haven't heard of New Haven-style or Connecticut-style pizza, it’s a specialty that took off with a cult following decades ago, but stayed close to home. So, allow me to welcome you to ultimate deliciousness.

Sallly's Apizza via Facebook
Sallly's Apizza via Facebook

Here’s the lowdown, pizza lovers. Although there are several New Haven or Connecticut style pizza places, Sally’s Apizza is not only adding Connecticut locations, but also opening two new restaurants in Woburn and the Seaport District of Boston, according to

And Woburn is now open.

Founded in 1938, Sally’s is known for its hand-crafted, authentic New Haven pizza with a sweet and tangy tomato sauce. They're light on cheese (unless you want more), and their char is iconic, one-of-a-kind, and the most identifiable aspect.

According to, the two Boston area restaurants will have specialty pies as well as the classics, including white potato and rosemary, plus the original New Haven OG, which is their clam pie.

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