This Hampton, New Hampshire, Mexican Restaurant is a Hidden Gem

I've heard from more that a couple people that the best place to get a quesabirra is from Burrito Loco Mexican Grill in Hampton, New Hampshire.

What exactly is a Quesabirra taco?

From what I've been told, it's a cross between a taco and a quesadilla, stuffed with sweet beef and filled with cheese that you dip into a consomme before you pop it in your mouth.  Yeah baby!

These might be my new go-to for Mexican night.

There is a Facebook group, Seacoast Eats, that I am a part of. Recently, I saw Michael W. comment on these Quesabirria's from Burrito Loco in Hampton.

Michael said these tacos "had amazing texture and crispness... the beef was tender and flavorful....a bunch of people recommended these", before he tried them himself.

Michael went on to say that he is not sure he can go there again and not order these.  That's a resounding recommendation if ever I heard one.

There are so many great things about Mexican food.  It's our go-to for, you guessed it, Taco Tuesdays.  There are other nights of the week, however, that Mexican is quick, hot, nutritious, and delicious.

Who doesn't love chili?  Throw some beef in a skillet with a chopped onion, some chili seasoning, add some water and a few beans and Bob's your Uncle, you've got dinner.

Another favorite in my house is just rice and beans.  I had a vegetarian and meat eaters to feed, so I had to make something that appealed to both.  Mexican always did the trick.  I have never tried a quesabirria though.

From the pictures I've seen of what one looks like, I already love it.  You know what they say, you eat with your eyes first.

Have you ever tried a quesabirria?  Where's your favorite go-to Mexican place?

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