Who Doesn't Love Girl Scout Cookies?

The Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains came in for a visit the other day, and brought some of their yummy cookies with them.

Of course, they brought in everyone's favorite, the Thin Mints.

All the Money Collected Stays in New England

I met with Josephine, Kate, Reagan, and Cora from the New Hampshire Girl Scouts.  Not only were they well-versed in everything cookie-related, but they were downright inspiring to be around.

For example, the girls enthusiastically told me about how all the money collected from cookie sales stays local, and helps fund their activities like:

  • Camping
  • World Thinking Day
  • Friendship Garden

Secret Cookie Hacks

All that was great to hear about, but I must admit, I wanted to get back to some cookie talk.  That's when the girls told me about what they do with the Thin Mints.  They put them in the freezer, and when they are all frozen, they take them out, crumble them up, and put them on their favorite yogurt.


Also, some of the girls put the cookies on top of their ice cream after dinner.

The girls also told me to put a couple of Girl Scout S'mores in the microwave for a few seconds (maybe 10), and they come out warm, just like they taste out of the fire.

The local troops here in New Hampshire are everywhere this time of year.  It's hard not to see them out in our community.  They are at the front doors of Hannaford, at the Fox Run Mall, the Hardware store... basically anywhere you are, that's where they'll be.

I never made it to the Girl Scout level.  I was a Brownie, but that's as far as I got.  Not sure why.  Maybe because I ate all the cookies saved for the older girls.

You can buy Girl Scout cookies anytime online.  You better buy two boxes of thin mints just in case.

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