Newburyport Can Be Very Pricey

Let's face it. Newburyport, Massachusetts, isn't the cheapest town to go out to for dinner.  The town has an array of exceptional restaurants like Sea Level, Agave, Mission Oak, and the Black Cow, just to name a few.

Restauranteurs are eyeing every space to open up their new place for you to try your next fancy nosh.

But if you want to go where the locals go out for dinner in Newburyport, Park Lunch is the place to go.

Their name suggests it's a no-nonsense place.  Park.  Lunch.  Go.

I think they should have added "go" to the end, but it's too late to put in my two cents.

For Newburyport, Massachusetts, These Prices Are Great

Recently, my husband and I went out to dinner at Park Lunch and ordered two baked haddock dinners.

"The place is well known for their seafood," one local told me, so I expected it to be good. Nut for the price on the menu of $23, I was suspicious of just how good it was going to be.

Man, was I pleasantly surprised.

The meal came with a really nice portion of baked haddock, lightly breaded, a side of fries, and creamy coleslaw.  It was as fresh as fresh could be.

One of the locals who we were with ordered spaghetti and sausage for $12.50.  Twelve dollars and fifty cents.  And it came with a salad.

Sarah Sullivan/ Townsquare Media
Sarah Sullivan/ Townsquare Media

Park Lunch's walls are filled with black and white pictures of local buildings, sports teams flags, and people from decades past.  It's the kind of place that says hello to their regulars on a first-name basis and yells out from across the room to "sit wherever you like."

I just loved Park Lunch.  The next time you take a trip to NBT, give it a try, and no, you don't have to dress up. Bring the kids and order the seafood.  It's delicious and won't break the bank.

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