It's hard to believe but Massachusetts only has one Sears store remaining and as of January 2024 there are only 13 stores of the once-thriving retailer left in America.

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When I was kid Sears was part of my life as well as many other people's lives throughout Massachusetts. My mother would take me to the Lanesborough store in the Berkshire Mall on a regular basis as well as the Holyoke Mall store on occasion.

A big chunk of my time spent at Sears was back to school clothes shopping. During the holidays I would browse the store for gift ideas for my relatives. Sears was one of the stores that even if you didn't walk out with anything it was always fun to explore the different departments.

Another thing I loved about Sears during the holiday season was the Christmas catalogue that would come out. I would stare and flip through the pages thinking about all of things I wanted under the Christmas Tree.

Over the past several years Sears has declined to the point that it's depressing when you go to a mall parking lot and see an empty building and lot of where the Sears store once was.

Where is the Massachusetts Sears Store Located? 

There aren't many Sears stores left in America and there is only one store remaining in Massachusetts. As many people know Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the fall of 2018. If you want to get your Sears fix in the Bay State you'll have to go to the South Shore Plaza at 250 Granite Street in Braintree. You can get a video tour of the final remaining Massachusetts Sears store below.

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