Aww, for cryin' out loud. I just said goodbye to Salty, but now news comes that Jacoby Ellsbury is a Yankee? That's a kick in the gut. It's an enormous contract and I certainly agree with the Sox not offering the same or more, but still. Ugh. Did it HAVE to be the Yankees? Really? Many people will think of Johnny Damon and decide to vilify him. I won't. Like most sports fans of the modern era, I root for the laundry but I don't hate on players that opt for a change of clothes (and clothes lined with millions of dollars at that. Note to the New York Yankees: if you also want to send $153M my way, this lifelong Sox fan would be willing to wear pinstripes for a few years). So thanks for your time in Boston, Jacoby, you won't hear me booing you when you come to visit. I will be hoping you fail at every turn though. Nothing personal, it's just because you're wearing the wrong laundry.

Getty Images Sport/Elsa