So many people deserve our thanks right now, continuing to work during the Coronavirus pandemic. Without our essential workers, we'd be lost.  In my opinion, no one deserves more credit than our medical workers.

Two of Boston's favorites, actor John Krasinki who may be better know as Jim from The Office, and David Ortiz are trying to show their appreciation.  Ortiz and Krasinski teamed up to try to put a smile on the face of some Boston health care workers..

Union Leader is reporting that Krasinksi invited staff from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center COVID-19 unit on his online show called "Some Good News".

The employees were surprised by an appearance from Big Papi.  The two then surprised the health care workers with four lifetime tickets for the Boston Red Sox to be shared among the staff.

According to ESPN, Ortiz said:

 "Taking your life, taking your time, that's something that goes beyond everything."

ESPN reports that Krasinski then joked that he's been on the waiting list for 16 years to get lifetime tickets!

As if that wasn't cool enough, immediately after the show, Krasinski arranged to have them brought to Fenway Park via a duck boat that they said was "most sanitized Duck Boat in America".  They were able to throw out a first pitch and received video messages from both the Mayor, the Governor, and other members of the Boston Red Sox, according to the article.

Some Good News, indeed!

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