Upset over LL Bean changing their return policy? A federal judge has ruled it's not going to change.

According to the Journal Tribune, LL Bean customer Victor Bondi filed the lawsuit in February, three days after Bean changed their unlimited return policy. The company attributed a growing number of customers returning worn-out items years after they were purchased, in part because of the company's own marketing.

The chance you might return an item from 7 years ago will still be a thing of the past. U.S. District Judge Robert W. Gettleman dismissed the suit, saying Bondi was simply "anticipating that the Freeport-based retailer would no longer honor its “100% satisfaction” return policy for items bought prior to Feb. 9, when the company announced its new policy and that he couldn’t prove he or anyone else had been harmed." In addition, the company’s statement about the new policy never included language that suggested it applied to items purchased under the old return policy.

According to Bean spokeswoman Carolyn Beem, "Items bought before the date the new policy was announced “are not subject to the new one-year restriction on returns.”


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