Man’s best friend always will be a dog.  We have so many great Fish and Game Officers, but I think I found my favorite in Moxie who helped find an injured hunter in the woods in the Conner Brook section of the White Mountain National Forest according to the  This story is an important reminder that if you go hunting or hiking, it is imperative to tell someone where you are headed and when you expect to be back.


According to the news outlet, Garret Waterman took a tumble from a tree stand and had no cell phone signal to call for help, and could not walk due to an injury to his leg.  Family members notified Fish and Game when he failed to return.  They knew the area he was hunting in so we're able to pinpoint the area where Waterman was hunting.  That’s where Moxie enters the story.  Moxie and her handler started searching at about 9:20 pm according to and successfully located after 2 hours.

Without Moxie’s help, I am confident the search could have taken much longer.  I can’t imagine laying injured in the woods for hours and then hearing an animal come upon me in the dark, but I would sure be happy it was Moxie and not a bear!  Another great job by New Hampshire Fish and Game and their K-9 Handler and, of course, Moxie.  Waterman was taken to Androscoggin Valley Hospital for his injuries.  You never plan for something bad to happen but thankfully Waterman did the right thing by letting his family members know where he was hunting and when he should return.  I’m glad for the happy ending.



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