The Country Mega Bracket tournament finally has its champion!

After nearly two weeks of tough competition, country acts went head to head in numerous matchups. Stars from each category of the bracket from The Lookers to The Drinkin' Buddies to The Groups to The Ladies faced off as some advanced, and some were left in the dust.

Eventually, the 32 acts were narrowed down to two: one from The Lookers group and one from The Ladies group.

And after a weekend of you all voting for either Kane Brown or Carrie Underwood, a victor emerged.

The winner is Kane Brown!

2018 American Music Awards - Red Carpet
Getty Images For dcp

How many correct picks did you make for your bracket? Did you select Kane Brown to be the champion?

Thanks to everyone who voted, and congrats to Kane Brown! Just makes you excited for next year's bracket, right?

To see the full list of bracket winners, check out the Country Mega Bracket main page.

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