Not all the celebs in New England are hanging out at Lake Winnipesaukee.  There are plenty to be found in Ogunquit, Maine, too!

Recently Katie Couric was in our area and she took the opportunity to use her Instagram following to try and help a Maine resident, according to News Center Maine.

Katie Couric on Mission to Help Widow Recover Her Lost Ring

While Katie Couric was in Ogunquit, she struck up a chat with Betty Ballantyne while walking the Marginal Way and learned that she had lost her wedding ring, the news outlet reported.

According to Couric’s Instagram post: “She was looking for the ring her husband Roger made for her when they got married.  She wore it on her right hand after he died in 2008 from kidney cancer."

Couric went on to explain the deep sentimental value the ring had and hoped that by posting Betty’s story on Instagram, maybe if someone had found a ring, it might be returned to Betty, News Center Maine reported.

Katie Couric has more than 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account, so it was definitely an opportunity for a celeb to use their following on social media for a good cause.

Where to Look

The news station reported that Betty Ballantyne was searching the Marginal Way in Ogunquit but was also in Kennebunkport and Saco. So keep your eyes out for the ring.

It would mean the world to Betty to get it back.

Couric shared the story on her Instagram and included a picture of the ring.  You can DM her if you located it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the ring was returned to Betty?  Fingers Crossed!


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