Kelsea is pretty well known for her fashion choices in the Country world. She can pull off just about anything! But this particular ensemble makes me heart happier than all of the rest.

Apparently, some of her Instagram followers were giving her grief because she was wearing a Gucci graphic tee shirt that they claimed "wasn't country enough". (Side note: check out those jazzy boots!)

In response to those sipping hater-ade about her Gucci tee-shirt, Kelsea responded with this post basically saying, "IS THIS OUTFIT COUNTRY ENOUGH FOR YA?!!"

There is a lot to respect about this picture. But the number one thing is that she is rocking a Winnipesaukee hoodie, showing her love to the Granite State. And a close second would be that she seems to be indulging in some post show Miller Lites which as everyone knows is the champagne of beers.

Rock on with your bad self, Kelsea. You keep being you!

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