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The Good Stuff: Blockbuster Video is making a comeback! Well, sort of. But we are here for it! Learn more about freeblockbuster.org and find out where there is a free mini movie library near you.

Famous People 411: Celtics off-season drama for your mama! Are the Celtics GMs really in talks with Nets about trading Jayson Tatum and Derek White and some other guy in exchange for Kevin Durant??! What are we doing here, people? *Cue more outrage!*

Kids say the Darndest Things: We asked for your comments about a time your kid put you in your place in a hilarious way and MAN, did you deliver! .

Some favorites include:

  • Callie said “the other day my son wouldn’t eat his sandwich. Tried the starving kids in Africa bit. To my dismay he told me to mail it to them. He’s four.”
  • Denise said "when my son was little I told him to use the same glass because I was sick of the sink filling up. He said it wouldn’t be such a problem if I did the dishes more often.”
  • Brooke from Fremont said “I told my son that as a parent it is my job to be the boss. He replied, ‘if you’re the boss, where’s my paycheck?”  He’s barely six.

HAHAHA I loved these so very much!

Logan and Missy's Signature Drinks: Logan and Missy's wedding is 70-ish days away and they need to figure out what to do for a signature cocktail! We took your calls and heard about the cocktails you served up at your weddings, and all I can say is WHOA! Wish we were invited!

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