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The Good Stuff: There is an amazing event coming up in Manchester, NH, that could result in you taking a private jet to an unknown destination all while helping prevent child abuse in New Hampshire! Learn more about the Jet Gala here!

Famous People 411: Tyler Hubbard is officially a solo artist and just came out with his first single called 5 Foot 9. But before you give him credit for spreading awareness for the average male height, it is about a woman who is 5 Foot 9. LOL

Handwashing Techniques: My friend was throwing shade in my direction when she watched me wash my hands by getting my hands wet, then adding soap, then doing the scrub-a-dub-dub! She puts soap on her dry hands and then proceeds with the handwashing process. She claims it's less messy! I was shooketh!

Kan't Beat Kira: Emily, a busy mama from Loudon, New Hampshire, squeezed out a win in Kan't Beat Kira, which means she needs to find a babysitter cause she's going to see Kane Brown!

Guilty Pleasures People Hide From Their Partners: Of course we hope that we can be our true selves in front of our significant others, but there is certain behavior that we reserve for when we are alone. I like to stand up while eating hummus and watching reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S I've seen 300 times. I also will occasionally talk baby talk to my turtle or sing to her. Only God can judge me.

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