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The Good Stuff: An entire community rallied around a teen from Utah who was almost too self-conscious to go to prom!

Famous People 411: Carly Pearce is adjusting to playing stadiums with Kenny Chesney, Luke Combs gives advice to the class of 2022 (the gist: either use your degree, OR DON'T!), and Patrice Bergeron will retire as a Bruin.

Lawn Mowing Etiquette: Logan is an early bird and wants to mow his lawn on the weekend starting at 7 am! Yay or Nay? No shock here: an overwhelming amount of our listeners said you absolutely need to wait until 9 am. I couldn't agree more!

Second Date Update: Alaina was ghosting Noah because he was VISIBLY sweaty on their date and it was very distracting. It came out that Noah got a workout in before their date and didn't have time to shower. He apologized and agreed to bathe before their next date, which she accepted! Logan and I are on a roll, just call us "Cupid".

Strange Compliments: Yikes! Some people need to learn how to give a compliment!. I'll never forget when a listener told me "I sound younger than I look". I said thank you because I knew there was a compliment in there somewhere!

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