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The Good Stuff:

We found out that a 98-year-old woman was reunited with her daughter she put up for adoption 80 years prior. This is a true story, and a wholesome one.

In 1942, Gerda Cole, an 18-year-old Jewish refugee, was fleeing the country trying to escape Nazi persecution. After giving birth, it was suggested that she put the baby up for adoption for the better of the baby's future life. She did. Fast forward to Mother's Day weekend 2022. Sonya, Gerda's 80-year-old daughter, had found her. Sonya and her son Stephen spent mothers day and Gerda's 98th birthday together.

Famous People 411: 

There was a lot to cover in the famous people 411. Perhaps most notably, Taylor Swift had some help writing her album Folklore. The man who was given credit was William Bowery. Only one issue...that was a fake name. William Bowery was a pseudonym for Taylor's boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. That's right, cat is out of the bag. During some of the lockdown, Taylor and Joe would play piano, sing, and play around with music - many of which is on the Folklore album.

Kan't Beat Kira: 

Kira went three for three with some seriously hard questions. We both got to learn that Christopher Walken's first job was a Lion tamer. We also found out that Michael Ray broke a Guinness Book of World Records with the most sparklers lit at one time.

Baby Name Tester: 

Kira taught me a brilliant way to test baby names...not that I am testing for any reason. I think this trick is brilliant. SO, if you are considering a few names for your future baby and you don't want your mother in law, sister, best friend's opinion...try this.

Go to Starbucks and on your order, use a potential baby name. When the barista calls it out, see if they pronounce it correctly, spell it right, and if anyone raises an eyebrow.

Fun Moment:

Click the link to our podcast (top of page) to hear our jingle for our homegirl Meg. Meg was on Hinge and heard a brilliant 'movie trailer' as a voice memo from a man. Apparently Hinge, a dating site, allows you to add in voice messages so people can hear your voice / get to know you through something other than pictures. Jack, the man Meg saw, was hilarious...so we came up with a voice message from Meg to match.

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