My fiance Steven and I thought it would be cool to have a belated Valentine's Day celebration and cook up some lobsters at our house!

We had never cooked them at home before so we were pretty jazzed up about the whole thing. We bought a big ole pot with a picture of a cartoon lobster on it and then went to the pound to pick up the two lucky crustaceans.

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

We didn't want to cook them right away so we let them hang out in a cooler in our kitchen for a bit. We filled that cooler with water, thinking "Hey! They might want to spend their final hours swimming around and living their best life."

We soon realized that live lobsters don't survive very long in FRESH water. Sadly Lloyd and Lola were no longer with us. It was like we hardly knew them.

And beyond the fact of losing our new friends prematurely, I was concerned that they might not taste as good once we cooked them. THANKFULLY that was not the case and they still turned out delicious. And now we know for next time :)

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