Yes, this is spaghetti and meatballs inside two slices of garlic bread toasted to perfect. And yes, I ate it all.

At first, I was going at it with a fork and knife and Bill basically told me to be a man and pick the darn thing up. So I caved to peer pressure and the whole thing fell apart in my hands.

Bill Fox
Bill Fox, Townsquare Media

I realize I am not living my best life in the photo above but I figured we're friends and I can share these things with you.

Now that I have experienced this spaghetti and meatball sub, it has ignited a fire within to go back to the Red Arrow Diner and eat more crazy things.

Here are a few things on my "to eat" list:

The Trump Tower Burger

Pork Pie Benedict

World Famous American Chop Suey

Dinah Finger

What do you think? Is it a solid start? If you have tried anything at the Red Arrow Diner that changed your life for the better and ISN'T on my list...well I need to change that. So let me know in the comments section!

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