For someone who doesn't find the fun in being scared to death, I sure get dragged along on many spooky adventures during the Halloween season.

This weekend I am heading to Fright Kingdom in Nashua NH with a group of gal pals.

Here are some of the attractions I have to look forward to: (I am already peeing my pants)

Psycho Circus

Oh perfect, CLOWNS. As if there haven't been enough creepy clown sightings lately. Now I get to walk into a house and be surrounded by them in 3D.


The description of this sounds terrifying. Apparently we will attempt to twist and turn our way out of a "labrynth of pure darkness". YIKES!

The Coffin Experience

This attraction is only available to VIPs but we get to experience the sensation of being buried alive. A claustrophobics dream.

Castle of Corpses

We get to roam the halls of an abandoned castle that now belongs to creatures of the night.

They better at least have fried dough. I am not enduring all of these torturous attractions without rewarding myself with a delicious treat at the end.

I am hoping I will be able to take one of these pictures when it's all said and done.

Have you ever been to Fright Kingdom in Nashua? I need some words of wisdom here!