A lot of families in our community are struggling during this holiday season. They might be trying to scrounge up enough money to put presents under the tree for their little ones, and it feels like an impossible feat. This leaves a heaviness in our hearts.

That's why we decided to bring back 97.5 WOKQ's Christmas Wish.

It is the fourth year we have done this segment on the morning show but our first year with Ginny, and with Kira being a new mom!  Logan is super excited to bust out his Santa hat and start granting wishes!

Here's how it works:

Do you know someone that has been hit hard this year? Do you know a family that is just one paycheck from disaster? We would like you to nominate a friend or family member that could use a little help. Tell us their story in 250 words or less.

If we select your nomination, that person will receive $500 to help with Christmas shopping, bills, decorations, or whatever they need to make their holiday season merry and bright.

There are two important rules to note:

  1. You can not nominate yourself or someone in your same household.
  2. All Christmas Wishes should be from 97.5 WOKQ's listening area: New Hampshire, Maine, or Massachusetts.

Entries must be submitted by November 25. One entry per person.

We will begin granting wishes on Monday, November 27, and grant one wish per day until Friday, December 8. (I just crunched the numbers, THAT'S 10 WISHES!) Get those nominations in!

May God Bless you and your family, and Merry Christmas from 97.5 WOKQ.

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