Well this was a wild ride!

Logan and I knew that we were going to chat with Chris and Preston, the boys of Lo Cash! They just dropped a new song called "Beach Boys", and it is an absolute BOP! It starts with a sample from "I Get Around" by The Beach Boys, so a smile will take over your face within the first three seconds.

The music video is full of Summery, fun, beachy vibes.

AND HERE'S A PLOT TWIST! Chris and Preston needed to get permission from The Beach Boys to use the clip from "I Get Around" at the beginning. Not only did The Boys approve it, but Bruce and Mike loved the song so much that they asked if they could sing on the track too! That's right, those high pitched harmonies you hear in the background are straight from the mouths of two actual Beach Boys.

It is such a fun collaboration for so many reasons. Chris and Preston have tons of respect for The Beach Boys and grew up listening to their music, so the fact that they now have a song together is a dream come true. Preston always felt a connection to the song "Kokomo" since he hails from Kokomo, Indiana. He liked to pretend The Beach Boys were singing about his hometown.

We knew we were going to be chatting with Chris and Preston about their song "Beach Boys", but had no idea that Mike and Bruce from The Beach Boys were on the call too! When Bruce started singing "Good Vibrations", we just about lost it. Listen to this memorable moment that made my mother instantly transport back to the year 1971 to her first concert, which just so happened to be THE BEACH BOYS!

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